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Virtual Courses and Workshops

Following the outstanding success and unprecedented demand for places on our Flagship courses from teachers and singers in 2019, we are delighted to announce that we will not only continue with our portfolio of two separately focused courses - SATS Pedagogy and SATS Practical - but also the addition of Advanced One Day Workshops and Practice Groups throughout the year.

To do this, we have teamed up with Vocal Craft - a fantastic company owned and managed by CVT Director James Platt. Vocal Craft have very generously allowed us to use their website as a booking platform for all of the new courses that we are setting up in 2020. Each course you see advertised below will be planned, taught and executed by the Classical Voice Training team that you know and trust, just with some added technical and admministration assistance from Vocal Craft.


*Please note that all links on this page will take you through to the Vocal Craft website.

About this year’s courses

We have launched a brand-new digital format for our courses this year which includes a core component workshop every month, followed by a practice group session that is designed to practically reinforce the theory learnt in the component workshop. We hope this will give you time to explore the theory behind our teaching model and to experience all its practical elements so that you can integrate these skills into your own singing and teaching more easily.


By splitting the teaching model down into its component parts, we are offering participants the ability to have the full experience of one of our flagship 5-day courses but from the comfort of their own home. This is something we have been asked for previously and we are delighted to now be able to offer such flexibility.


As well as a new digital format we are now offering participants who are unable to attend, for whatever reason, on the days or times below, the opportunity to have access to the full workshop or practice group recording of the live session. All you must do is book a place on the course you’d like access to and then email us to let us know that you want access to the recordings only.


Course Dates


Saturday 10th October                       Core Component Workshop: Primal Sound and Postural Alignment

Wednesday 14th October                   Practice Group: Primal Sound and Postural Alignment

Saturday 24th October                       Component Workshop: Airflow and Support

Wednesday 28th October                   Practice Group: Breath Management, Airflow & Support

Saturday 14th November                   Component Workshop: Phonation

Wednesday 18th November               Practice Group: Phonation



Saturday 9th January                           Component Workshop: Laryngeal Registration

Wednesday 13th January                    Practice Group: Laryngeal Registers, SOVTs & Pitching

Saturday 23rd January                         Component Workshop: Articulation

Wednesday 27th January                    Practice Group: Articulation

Saturday 20th February                       Component Workshop: Resonance

Wednesday 24th February                  Practice Group: Resonance

Saturday 27th March                           Component Workshop: Practical Vocal Acoustics & Vowel Migration

Wednesday 31st March                       Practice Group: Vowels in Vocalise & Repertoire

Saturday 17th April                              Component Workshop: Acoustic Registration

Wednesday 21st April                         Practice Group: Acoustic Registration in Repertoire


*Please note that all links above will take you through to the Vocal Craft website.

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If you have any questions, please direct them to our Administrator, Francesca. She can be reached by emailing: info@classicalvoicetraining.com

Have a look at some of the courses we've run previously below!

If you would like to engage us to run a course or workshop for you click here for more information.

2020 SATS Pedagogy

Our second flagship course was focused on teachers this year with a completel emphais on how to implement the full SATS teaching model into your own teaching practice.

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2020 SATS Practical

Our 5-day flagship courses turned virtual this year and we welcomed people from across the globe who would never before have been able to join us in person.

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2020 SATS Advanced: Laryngeal and Acoustic Registration & Vocal Acoustics

Our second offering during the coronavirus lockdown was an advanced 1-day workshop on Laryngeal and Acoustic Registration & Vocal Acoustics led by the entire Classical Voice Training team. Once again we utilised video conferencing softare to reach as many people as possible.

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2020 SATS Advanced: From Accent Method into Primal Sound and Breathing & Support for Singing

COVID-19 forced everyone to adapt to a changing situation very quickly and, one of the first things we did, was run an incredibly successful 1-day virtual workshop on taking pure Accent Method through into Primal Sound and Breathing & Support for classical voice.

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2019 Performers Course

Fifty performers (our largest number ever!) joined us from ten different countries, and as far afield as Mexico and Hong Kong at Eastbourne College on England's beautiful South coast. The emphasis was very firmly on practice with workshops, masterclasses and one to one lessons with a variety of teachers and practitioners.

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2019 Teachers Course

Once again hosted in the state of the art facilities at Chethams School of Music, Manchester, our 2019 Teacher course was a thorough exploration of the SATS model in which we introduced our revolutionary guided teaching masterclasses. Twelve advanced performers and teachers attended from five different countries,

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2018 Chethams Course

We were delighted to expand our course offering into three separate streams - the 7 day teacher course, a 7 day singer course and a 3 day performer's 'Boot camp'. Hosted in the state of the art facilities at Chethams School of Music, Manchester, we attracted our largest number of participants, travelling in from a most diverse list of countries!

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2017 Guildhall Course

We returned to the Guildhall School of Music and Drama for our second 5-day flagship course in the summer of 2017. This was also a great success with people travelling from all over the world to attend.  This was the first course on which we offered one-to-one sessions. These proved overwhelmingly popular, with demand for sessions outweighing the number of sessions on offer.  Book on our next course to avoid disappointment.

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2016 Chethams Course

We were invited by Chethams School of Music to run this very popular course for singers and singing teachers in Manchester in December 2016.  To find out more about that course click here.

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2016 Guildhall Course

The inaugural 5-day flagship course took place at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and was a great success.  Those that joined us for the 2017 course had a fantastic time of teaching, learning and performing in a mutually warm and supportive atmosphere!

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2014-2016 Teacher Training Courses

These were courses, given at Janice's home, for a small number of people. The success of and need for these detailed teacher training courses was the inspiration that drove us to establish Classical Voice Training Ltd.

Course Details

Component Workshops: £60.00

Practice Groups: £30.00