What does Classical Voice Training do?

The art of singing has been taught for generations without the benefit of evidence-based science to underpin it. Due to recent developments in spectrographic software, ultrasound, fibre optic and endoscopic technology, it has become possible to view the voice and build a science-based understanding of how it works. This knowledge does not replace the empiric writings of the old masters but rather enhances our understanding of past teaching methods.

Classical Voice Training was formed in order to bring this modern understanding to as wide an audience as possible including singers, teachers, and voice professionals.

Who are these courses for?

Our courses are for all users and teachers or voice and voice professionals.

What does classical voice entail?

Classical Voice Training teachers opera, oratorio, concert repertoire, lieder and song in a western classical style.  We also offer training in 'legit' and those wanting to bridge their knowledge of musical theatre.

Can choral singers apply?

Yes! Depending on the number of choral applicants we sometimes offer a choir or specific choral sessions throughout our courses.  If numbers do not allow for a choir, there are a number of choral specialists on the team that would be happy to work with you and all of the work we do is applicable to choral and solo singers. For more information on how SATS is applied to choral singers click here...

Do I need to be a professional singer to take part?

No.  These courses are for all users of voice, teachers and voice professionals, and will be tailored individually to suit your needs. We do advise you read Janice's book Singing and Singing Teaching: A holistic guide to Classical Voice before you arrive.