2020 SATS Advanced Workshop 1

Primal Sound: From Accent Method Breathing into Breathing & Support for Singing

Friday 19th June, 2020

1000-1200, 1400-1600



Breathing and Support is considered one of the most important aspects of a singer’s technique and also one that both students and teachers find challenging.

This workshop will focus on the optimal function of the respiratory system and how to train it for efficient singing. The benefits of Accent Method Breathing are now well documented, and this therapy is used widely for rehabilitation in the voice clinic and by singing teachers in the voice studio.

We will explore the evolution of this therapy, originally designed as a tool for speakers, but now modified into a powerful training tool for singers. We will explain how to use Primal Sound to bridge between ‘pure’ Accent Method breathing and supported singing, using simple practical exercises.

Abdominal Ultrasound studies have given us a whole new insight into the function of the muscles of the abdominal girdle and pelvic floor and how these muscles can be most effectively trained for optimal use in efficient singing. We will focus on practical exercises to strength and coordinate the pelvic floor and transversus abdominus muscles, and explore how the other muscle groups of the respiratory system contribute to various vocal tasks.

We will explore the most common breathing and support issues faced by teachers in the studio, including: locking of the abdominal wall, epigastric locking and reversed breathing, and give you practical strategies and exercises to remediate these issues quickly and effectively.

We will also present in detail the palpation skills that can speed up the retraining of less efficient breathing patterns and give teachers concrete ways to assess and improve the breathing patterns of their students.


Cost: £60

NB both Workshops can be booked for the reduced fee of £100.

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