The SATS Model

SATS For Singers

The model allows the singer to:

  • Provides a structure to guide your thinking
  • Helps focus your attention on the most important aspects of a technique
  • Encourages a movement through the purely technical aspects of singing towards aesthetics
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SATS For Teachers

The model allows the teacher to:

  • Provides a hierarchy to guide the teaching of skills
  • Can be used both developmentally and /or remedially
  • Has a hierarchy that assigns some aspects of technique as more important than others
  • Allows for singers at any stage of vocal development to be assessed
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SATS For Choirs

The model allows the choral singer or choir director to:

  • Provides a structure to guide the groups thinking
  • Helps focus your attention on the most important aspects of technique
  • Helps all voices within the choir to obtain the same voice quality
  • Encourages a movement through the purely technical aspects of choral singing towards aesthetics
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What we offer?

The art of singing has been taught for generations without the benefit of evidence-based science to underpin it. Due to recent developments in spectrographic software, ultrasound, fibre optic and endoscopic technology, it has become possible to view the voice and build a science-based understanding of how it works. This knowledge does not replace the empiric writings of the old masters but rather enhances our understanding of past teaching methods.

Classical Voice Training was formed in order to bring this modern understanding to as wide an audience as possible. Classical Voice Training’s directors are Professor Janice Chapman (internationally renowned singing teacher), James Platt (International Soloist & Teacher) and Andrew Follin (Certified Master Teacher of Estill Voice Training).

Based on Professor Chapman’s groundbreaking book ‘Singing and Teaching Singing – a Holistic Approach to Classical Voice’, our courses will focus on: Breathing and Support, Accent Method breathing, Postural Alignment, Vocal Anatomy and Physiology, Phonation, Resonance, Articulation, Mind-skills for Performers and Artistry and Performance.

Our courses contain body/voice warm-ups, lectures, small practice groups, masterclasses and interactive discussion sessions. Our courses are suitable for singers (solo and choral), singing teachers, vocal coaches, choral directors and voice professionals.

Our course price includes a our cutting edge, comprehensive 160 page workbook.  The Workbook contains the latest scientific research distilled for the student and teacher to use in the studio and our comprehensive list of vocal exercises.

SATS 3rd Ed

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This is now a stand textbook on voice.  To find out more......

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We run courses regularly at leading music institutions across the UK and abroad.  These are generally open to students of all levels and are tailored to suit each students needs.