The Workbook

Classical Voice Training’s ‘Workbook’

The workbook is a practical distillation of Janice Chapman’s ‘SATS’ and represents cutting edge advancements in vocal science and pedagogy. The Exercises in blue at the end of each chapter are quoted directly from Janice’s book, with room for you to write notes as we explore the exercises and the science behind them throughout Classical Voice Training courses.

The courses have been designed to give performers, teachers and professional voice users, a theoretical and practical understanding and experience of classical voice. During the courses there are daily practice group tutorial sessions, in which you will be encouraged to experience each of the concepts and exercises under the guidance of your group leader. Please make notes and ask as many questions as you like – there are no ‘silly questions’ in Classical Voice Training!

The ‘Workbook’ also contains the main points from the lectures, presentations, and demonstrations you will hear throughout the week.

We would like to thank Janice for her constant support throughout the whole process of writing this workbook, and for writing her book in the first instance, also great thanks to Dr Ron Morris for his intellect, experience, humour and support, and Francesca Roberts and Catherine Follin for their help in the arduous proofreading process.

We would like to thank Primal Pictures and Plural Publishing for allowing us to reproduce the anatomy and physiology diagrams for our courses. The rest of the pictures have been reproduced from the SATS book or designed by Andrew.

We would also like to thank our parents, family and friends for their constant help and support and students and teachers of ours who have made the writing of this book possible.

We hope you find the Workbook and Classical Voice Training courses a useful resource as we continue further on our journey together into vocal pedagogy and performance.

Janice, Andrew and James.

The Workbook

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