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Our Course for soloists

Classical Voice Training hosted at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama returns with their ground-breaking comprehensive course on the training of classical voice. Under the leadership of Prof. Janice Chapman, a multidisciplinary team of prominent voice specialists will present this five-day course, alongside experts (performer, coaches, conductors and singing teachers) from the industry including the Royal Opera House, Teatro alla Scala Milano and Deutsche Oper, Berlin.

The art of singing has been taught for generations without the benefit of evidence-based science to underpin it.  Due to recent developments in fibre-optic and endoscopy technology, it has become possible to view the voice and build a science-based understanding of how it works.  This knowledge does not replace the empiric writings of the old masters but rather enhances our understanding of past teaching methods.

Janice and her team will deliver an intensive course for performers which includes instruction and work on Breathing and Support (including Accent Method Breathing), Postural Alignment, Vocal Anatomy and Physiology, Manual Therapy, Phonation, Resonance, Articulation, Mind-skills for Performers and Artistry and Performance.

Who is the Performers Strand for?

Performers who are:

  • Of any level from intermediate to advanced looking for a solid grounding in vocal technique
  • Interested in improving their own voices
  • Advanced and are looking to fine tune their techniques and are looking for scientifically tried and tested ways of singing based on science and function
  • Looking for a healthy & safe technique
  • Wanting to receive tuition in masterclasses or workshops from our world-class team of voice specialists and performers
  • Wanting to learn how our team of multidisciplinary vocal specialists can help them

The Timetable

The course will include daily sessions of:

Physical and vocal warm-ups

  • Taken by our experienced senior staff members, these will cover all aspects of physical and vocal technique.
    • Physical daily warm-ups will be led by Mandy Demetriou and will develop incrementally throughout the week focusing on postural alignment, physical strength, stamina, and flexibility.
    • Vocal warm-ups will be taken by different singers and pedagogues from our team and will practically introduce the key concepts that will be taught in the lectures.

Plenary lectures

  • Performers will be joined in these sessions by participants from our Choral and Voice Teachers/Pedagogues Strands
  • These will introduce all aspects of vocal technique including:
    • Primal Sound
    • Postural Alignment
    • Breathing and Support and the Accent Method
    • Laryngeal Mechanics
    • Phonation
    • Resonance
    • Articulation
  • Ultra-sound, spectrograph and nasoendoscopy presentations
    • Using cutting-edge technology, our expert visiting lecturers will demonstrate and discuss the major issues of vocal technique and performance through a multidisciplinary approach

Practice groups

  • Participants will receive personal attention from our vocal staff in small groups
  • Opportunities to ask questions and discuss in detail any aspects of the course covered in other sessions
  • Participants will receive detailed instruction on how to effectively practise the exercises described in the course workbook
  • Tutors will help singers design an ongoing practise routine


  • An opportunity to work on technique and artistry though performance in a public forum with the senior members of our faculty

Interactive discussion sessions

  • Q&A with a panel of multidisciplinary vocal and performance specialists

Individual Sessions

  • There may be an opportunity for some one-to-one sessions our vocal faculty and students from the course. This will be dependent on staff availability & participant numbers.
  • There will be an additional fee for the above one-to-one sessions, and they will be offered on a sign-up sheet, on a first-come-first-served basis during the course.

Course Staff

  • See our Courses page for the specific staffing of our individual courses and our Meet The Team page to read more about Classical Voice Training's World Class Team.


The Workbook

Course Materials

‘The Workbook’ is a distillation and practical guide to the application of Prof. Janice Chapman’s seminal work Singing and Teaching Singing: A Performer’s Guide to Classical Voice. Written by Prof. Janice Chapman, Andrew Follin and James Platt, it is a unique resource available only to participants on Classical Voice Training courses and it is provided as part of your course fee. You will also receive further supplementary materials for additional lectures, presentations and workshops.

Classical Voice Training's Workbook can be used as an exclusive course training resource, a notebook, and a reference guide throughout the course. The inclusion of detailed anatomical diagrams, full explanations of the Core Components and Outer Satellites of Janice’s teaching model, as well as detailed examples of Janice’s vocal exercises, ensuring that it is suitable for future reference and as an aide-mémoire to all participants.

Each edition of The Workbook is specific to the individual course that participants enrol on and is revised for each course with the most up-to-date scientific information and research available at the time of printing.

There will also be other handouts for presentations and workshops available too.


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