The British Voice Association

The home of the British Voice Association the home of a multidisciplinary approach to voice.

The Voice Explained

The home of Anne-Marie Speed, Paul Farrington and Kiereen Lock, all experts in the Estill Model.

Physio Ed Medical

The clinic of our specialist vocal physiotherapist Ed Blake.


The home of the Association of Teachers of Singing.

Estill Voice International

The official home of the Estill Model.

Vocal Skills

The home of Andrew Follin Certified Master Teacher of the Estill Model and director of Classical Voice Training.

Plural Publishing

Publishers of Janice's Book and other medical and vocal textbooks.

Compton Publishing

Publishers of two seminal books on voice, The Voice Clinic Handbook and Dr Ron Morris's book 'If In Doubt Breath Out'.

Robert Sussuma

Feldenkrais Specialist in Voice with some great videos about releasing vocal tension including tongue and jaw release work.

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