Teaching Aids

The Rocker Board

Great for posture, releasing locked knees and pelvis and engaging core strength.

Resistance Bands

These will help you engage your latissimus dorsi and can be used for all sort of other helpful stretches too.

The Drinking Straw

No, we're not mad, listen to top voice scientist Ingo Titze talk about the benefit of singing through straws.

Large Exercise Ball

A Large Exercise Ball

Great for unlocking the belly wall and releasing the rectus abdominis, also for engaging the latissimus dorsi and building core strength.

The Jaw Prop

This is for those singers who use the jaw as the main articulator and will help you disable unwanted jaw movements.

Dr Nelson's Inhaler

Fantastic if you are feeling dehydrated or need to steam.  The medium size is excellent for most singers.

Nose Clip

The Nose Clip

It you sing nasal all the time this little gadget will help you become aware of when you are nasal and when you are not.

Ear Defenders

If you can't stop listening to yourself get a pair of these for practice. Helps you feel instead of listen. By the time the sound reaches your ears it's already too late to change it.


A whole range of devices for practising semi-occluded vocal tract exercises whilst bubbling through water.  Excellent for voice habilitation, warming up and cooling down the voice. Dr Ilter Denizoglu uses the SATS model in his therapy clinic.

Next Steps...

Why not come on our next course to see these things put into action by experienced pedagogues.