2020 SATS for Performers Course

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Booking is now open for our 2020 SATS for Performers 5 day Course.

There is already a high demand for places on our courses, with people travelling from all over the world to take part.

Please book early to avoid disappointment.

SATS for Performers

3rd - 7th August, 2020


Professor Janice Chapman, author of the internationally acclaimed book Singing and Teaching Singing: A Holistic Approach to Classical Voice (SATS), will lead a team of voice specialists and vocal coaches from the industry in a highly practical singing course at the prestigious Chetham’s  School of Music in Manchester, United Kingdom.

This course will focus on how to develop and use the SATS model in your own vocal technique and performance. Each of the exercises in the SATS book will be explained in depth and all participants will be led through the exercises by the CVT Directors.

There will be some fantastic opportunities to work with directors, coaches and teachers in a unique multi-disciplinary environment.

The SATS Singing and Performing course is the perfect way to explore and develop your artistry as a performer in a safe and encouraging atmosphere.

Over the 5 days of the course, there will be a mixture of vocal and movement warm-ups and body conditioning with specialist practitioners as well as small practice groups where singers can ask questions and put vocal exercises into context. There will also be various song, oratorio and opera classes where the practical elements are put straight into your repertoire.

One to one sessions may also be available, subject to availability and by arrangement with individual tutors (additional fee required).


Dates: Monday 3rd – Friday 7th August 2020

Venue: Chetham’s School of Music, Long Millgate, Manchester M3 1SB, UK

Cost: £950

Catering: Breakfast, lunch and dinner, tea, coffee, water and snacks are included.

Accommodation: Individual en-suite hotel room (non-residential option available - see booking page)

SATS for Performers


Voice Specialists

    • Professor Janice Chapman – Director of CVT, course leader and author of SATS Book
    • James Platt – Director of CVT, Professional Singer and Pedagogue
    • Andrew Follin – Director of CVT, Estill Master Trainer
    • Movement Coach TBA
    • Director / Acting coach TBA
    • Repetiteurs
    • Vocal coaches
    • And other visiting staff TBC


    This course is designed specifically for

    • Singers preparing for auditions at either university or music college
    • Singers who want to work on their technique
    • Singers who want to develop their artistry through technique
    • Singers who would like professional feedback on their audition material
    • Singers who would like vocal coaching that’s linked to their technical development


    Demonstrations & Presentations will include

    • Accent Method Breathing Workshops
    • Breathing & Support
    • Postural Alignment
    • Practical Vocal Anatomy & Physiology
    • Phonation
    • Resonance
    • Articulation
    • Primal Sound in Classical Voice Training
    • Artistry and Performance
    • Audition Preparation


    The week will include

    • Movement, Physical and Body Conditioning – Strengthening, Stretching and Releasing Key Muscle Groups
    • Practical strategies for achieving optimal performance alignment
    • Accent Method Breathing Training
    • How to transition from Accent Method Breathing into Breathing and Support for Singers
    • Primal Sound Training: Using Triggers to co-ordinate airflow, larynx and the vocal tract
    • Vocal Warm Up and conditioning with Specialist Practitioners
    • Small Practice Groups: Putting vocalise into context
    • Songs, Oratorio and Opera Classes
    • Palpation and handling skills for singers
    • Singers Vocal Diagnostics: Problems and Solutions
    • Performance Masterclasses


    Coaches from

    • Royal Opera House, Covent Garden
    • Royal Birmingham Conservatoire
    • Guildhall School of Music and Drama


    Masterclasses & One-to-One Lessons

    All participants will have the option to take part in singing classes, masterclasses and have the opportunity to help develop their technical and artistic skills with our world renowned voice team.

    One-to-one sessions may be made available during the week, subject to availability and at an extra charge.




SATS for Performers
Introduction to SATS
For those new to the SATS model
SATS singing exercise workshops
Specialist workshops
Public Singing Masterclasses
Accommodation included - single ensuite hotel room
All meals and snacks provided
Non-residential option available @ £850
Daily movement class
Accent Method session
Extra bookable one to one sessions
Group singing classes
Evening singalongs
❌   Using SATS in other genres
❌   One to one session with CVT Director
❌   Live ultrasound demonstration
❌   Video endoscopy demonstration



Book your place

Booking is now open for our 2020 SATS for Performers 5 day Course.

There is already a high demand for places on our courses, with people travelling from all over the world to take part.

Please book early to avoid disappointment.